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Keyline Graphix - commercial sector
Keyline Graphix -
For all your business graphics, magnetics, window films and signage etc.

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DIY self-adhesive vinyl; Personalize almost anything!

Up to now we have covered just a few of the types of signage, stickers and graphics etc which we can produce. As well as the window films in our Online Shop, we can also custom-make many items to your own requirements - and usually at no extra cost to the 'off-the-shelf' goods.
In reality the possibilities are almost endless: A few more ideas are listed below:

Cars, bikes, caravans, boats etc.
We can manufacture stickers, graphics, lettering etc to your own specification. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we'll gladly get back to you with a free quote.

For a more detailed look at our vehicle graphics please click HERE
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window film image Frosted/Etched-glass effect window film.
We can supply etched or frosted-glass vinyl for you to fit to your windows, which can give privacy, decoration and security. They can be cut 'off-the-roll' from our Online Shop, or we can custom-cut them to just about any sizes you require. Just contact us for a free quote.

For a more detailed look at our window films please click HERE
We can manufacture banners to just about any size, colour and quantity you may require. (Strong, weatherproof and very durable.)

For a more detailed look at our banners please click HERE
banner image
magnetic image Magnetic signs.
We can manufacture car or fridge magnets to just about any size and quantity you may require. (Strong, weatherproof and very durable.)

For a more detailed look at our magnetics please click HERE
Mirror decoration.
'Etched-glass' effect borders and graphics. Perhaps floral, art deco or graphic images of pop/sports stars etc.

For a more detailed look at our glass/mirror graphics please click HERE
mirror decal image
door sign image Door signs, stickers and plaques. For children's bedrooms, offices, toilets etc.

For some example photos of some of our previous signage please click
Notice boards/signs.
House names & numbers, 'house for sale', 'no parking', 'beware of the dog', 'keep off the grass' etc...

For some example photos of some of our previous signage please click
for sale image
reflectors image Reflectives.
Safety reflectors for gate-posts, walls, vehicles, bikes, trailers etc... [stickers & 'rigid' plastic]
Wheel trim registration numbers.
Add your vehicle's registration number to each of your wheel trims, helps prevent impulsive thefts.
wheel trim image
model boat image Toy & model stickers etc.
Small-scale lettering for model ships, train lay-outs, push-along & pedal cars etc...
Book/file/album lettering.
For books, photo albums, office files, filing cabinets, toolboxes, gifts, remote controls etc...
books image
wheelie bin image Wheelie bins.
House names and numbers, or novelty cartoon characters etc...

For a more detailed look at our wheelie bin decals please click HERE
Children's cartoon characters. Just about any well-know character can be reproduced, for furniture, books, walls, toys etc. cartoon image
sun-visor image Sun-visor strips.
For cars, vans, lorries etc. (Available with or without lettering.

For a more detailed look at our sun-strips please click HERE
Wheel cover graphics. If you have an existing plastic or flexible pvc cover we can manufacture the graphics to fit it. Just let us know your requirements for a free quotation.

For some example photos of some of our previous work please click
wheel cover image
vinyl image

vinyl image

Self-adhesive vinyl.
Make your own stickers! We can supply plain 'off-the-roll' sheets of self-adhesive vinyl film which can have numerous uses around the home and for your business. Dozens of colours are available, including:

Gloss opaque
(solid coloured films)
Transparent (coloured films which you can see through)
Translucent (coloured films which cannot be seen through - but they still let diffused light into the room)
Reflective (glows at night when illuminated by car headlights etc)
(day-glo) (makes signs etc stand out more during daylight hours)
Clear (totally clear, transparent vinyl. Can be used to protect car paintwork from chips, or for laminating books, signs, plastics, glass and many other surfaces)
Frosted / Etched-glass effect (used for privacy, decoration or security on windows etc.)
Stained-glass effect
(same effect as either the transparent or transluscent films)
Blackboard vinyl (can be fitted to your child's bedroom door or wall)
White 'dry-wipe' vinyl (can be fitted to your child's bedroom door or wall ... also handy elsewhere, such as the fridge door etc.)
Etc., etc...
(numerous other types of vinyl films are available such as carbon fibre effect, marble effect, woodgrain effect, metallics, chrome/gold mirror effect, illuminous, glitter, flock/velvet effect, etc., etc...

(All vinyl films are of the highest quality and the vast majority are totally weatherproof, 'exterior grade' vinyl films, unless stated otherwise when we reply to your enquiry.)

Please contact us with your ideas or requirements and we will gladly give you a free, no-obligation quotation.
Window graphics.
Whether you are after business advertising, home window decoration, (stained-glass or frosted-glass effect), or cartoon characters, sporting/music logos etc for the kids ... we can produce them.
Also 'manifestations' ... shapes/designs placed on patio doors etc to help prevent people walking into them, (or birds flying into the glass etc.)

For a more detailed look at our window graphics please click HERE
window graphic image
window graphics Transom windows.
House names and numbers manufactured to your own requirements. Very easy to fit.

For a more detailed look at our window graphics please click HERE
Wall graphics.
We can custom-make any designs to your own specifications.
Whether you require a silhouette image, any form of graphic, some lettering, (such as a phrase or individual words etc), or any other manner of self-adhesive graphic - we should be able to custom-make it for you, and normally costing no more than 'off-the-shelf' designs.

For a more detailed look at our wall graphics please click HERE

wall graphics
photo restoration Photo restoration:
Have your treasured old photographs digitally restored and reprinted:
We offer a photographic restoration service which can lovingly revitalize your old, treasured photos.

For a more detailed look at our photo restoration service please click HERE

We can make just about any sort of vinyl signs, magnetics and stickers you can think of.

If you have an idea, then why not contact us for some free advice. (With absolutely no obligation.) No job too small!

e-mailed to you on request:
( info@scattybat.co.uk )

(Note: For those not familiar with self-adhesive vinyl products, please visit our 'Hints and Advice' page for a full description.)



As seen on TV !

We've all seen 'Changing Rooms', '60 Minute Makeover' and the like on TV. Well now it's possible to create a lot of the effects that are achieved quite easily using self-adhesive vinyl.

You can apply lettering / designs to windows (or the under-side of glass coffee tables etc.) We can also 'cut-out' your requested designs in our self-adhesive frosted/etched-glass vinyl film. This can then be fitted to the glass surface. (The 'cut-out' sections allow the clear glass to show through.) All very effective!

Or you could completely cover windows with a sheet of our 'frosted-glass' or 'etched-glass' effect self-adhesive vinyl film, - for maximum and stylish privacy. (Click HEREfor more details.)

Also, our range of 'translucent' & 'transparent' self-adhesive vinyl sheets allow you to achieve a tinted or 'stained-glass' effect. You can purchase sheets of various colours, and at just about any size, which you can either completely cover a window or cut your own shapes and designs. (Click HEREfor a photographic image of the various, coloured window vinyl types.)

Or, you could try some of our 'standard', opaque self-adhesive vinyl in 'un-cut' form. These are sheets of 'off-the-roll' plain coloured vinyl just ready for you to cut out your own shapes and designs. Also an ideal way to keep the kids amused.

You could, of course, have some self-adhesive lettering (or designs) cut to your own specifications - which are applied directly to walls, doors, furniture. In fact just about any smooth surface around the home.




Fancy your initials on your car or bike? Or perhaps a cartoon character or humourous phrase. - We can produce them for you.

Just contact us with ANY idea you may have. No matter how wild or outrageous. (Even if you want some flowers on your wheelie bin, or Scooby Doo on your bedroom door.) We will be able to tell you if it's possible to create it, and give you a free estimate as to the cost of its production. All with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Our prices are remarkably low. It costs little, (if anything), more to have a totally unique 'personalized' item produced, to buying 'off-the-shelf' in high street shops.

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