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Keyline Graphix - commercial sector
Keyline Graphix -
For all your business graphics, magnetics, window films and signage etc.

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magnetic photo

For car, vans, fridges etc., etc.

'Removable' magnetic signs for use on your vehicle (or fridge doors.) The magnetic signs are fully weatherproof and won't fade or fall off at high speeds, (which is not normally a problem on fridge doors anyway!!!) Whether it is a small 'one-off' magnetic, or a large 'multiple' order, we can supply professional magnetic signs, at unbelievably low prices.



The idea behind 'magnetics' is that you can use them for 'temporary' signs on your vehicles. For instance, maybe you use your own private car for work-purposes. In which case, magnetic signs could be attached to the doors to advertise your business throughout the week - then at weekends your car can be reverted back to 'normal' by simply peeling off the re-usable magnetic signs.

Or maybe you use (or hire) a van for more than one purpose. Then you could have different sets of magnetic signs (one for each purpose) and simply attach whichever set you need to suit the particular usage at the time.

Also, larger companies, who sub-contract can issue 'corporate image' magnetic signs for use on the contractor's individual vehicles.

Personalized fridge magnets can also be produced. Names, graphics, phrases, cartoon characters etc., can all be made to order.

Just let us know your requirements for a free quote.

For example photos of some of our previous magnetics, please click HERE

magnetic photo
magnetic photo
magnetic photo


e-mailed to you on request:
( info@scattybat.co.uk )