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Keyline Graphix - commercial sector
Keyline Graphix -
For all your business graphics, magnetics, window films and signage etc.

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(A-Z of terms and materials etc.)


Application tape
The paper covering over the decals which enables a whole section to be fitted at once. The paper is removed once fitted.
A-sign A pavement sign, normally of wooden construction. Can be folded up when not in use.
Application Procedure for fitting the graphics.
Air bubbles Can sometimes occur if the graphics are fitted 'dry' or incorrectly. (See 'Problem solving' section for the remedy.)
Banners PVC banners which can be used internally or externally. Used for temporary advertising etc.
Banner vinyl Material used for the graphics which are then fitted to the PVC banners.

Commercial Descriptive term for 'business' users.
Clip-art Large selection of artwork already on file.
Cutting-machine Machine used for actually producing the vinyl graphics.
Cut (or 'cut-out') Expression used to describe any shapes or lettering which are produced by our machine-cutting system.
CAD Computer Aided Design.
Dayglo Another name for 'fluorescent'.
Dry application method Fitting the vinyl without moistenning the surface first. Only to be used for smaller work or if you are feeling confident. Air bubbles are more likely using this method, rather than the 'wet application' method.
Decals Self-adhesive stickers and graphics.
Domestic Descriptive term for 'home' users.

Etched-glass vinyl Sheets of etched-glass effect film, applied to windows for privacy, security or design.
Emblem Logo/design.
Frosted-glass vinyl Sheets of frosted-glass effect film, applied to windows for privacy, security or design.
Fonts Typestyles
Fluorescent vinyl (Dayglo) Self-adhesive vinyl which is quite visible in daylight. (Similar to some yellow warning signs etc.)
Fleet Several commercial vehicles, usually with corporate designs.
Flourishes Ornate designs, often used to compliment other graphics.
Foamalux Trade name for the standard, rigid, foam-plastic sign sheets, usually 5mm thick. (Sometimes also known as 'Foamex'.)
Graphics Self-adhesive stickers.
Gloss vinyl The standard finish for our vinyls. These would always be used unless requested otherwise.
Glue residue Can sometimes be left on the surface after removing old decals. (See 'Problem solving' section for the remedy.)

Heat gun An electric 'paint stripper' - must be used carefully when removing any old decals.

Imperial Traditional measurements, (inches, feet etc.)

Landscape An image or photo with its height shorter than its width. (The other way round would be classed as 'portrait'.)
Liveries Vehicle graphics/signage.
Logo Design/artwork/emblem.
Magnetic signs Re-usable signs for fitting to vehicles. Can be fitted and removed whenever required.
Manifestations Official term for window safety markers, (used on glass doors etc.)
Metallic vinyl Self-adhesive vinyl with tiny metallic particles which glisten slightly in the light.
Matt vinyl A dull, matt/satin finish to the self-adhesive vinyls.
Metric European, (& more increasingly International), standard measurements, (mm, cm, m)
Mouldings Any plastic trims or ridges on vehicles.

No obligation Our guarantee that all prices and corresponence are totally free and you are not obliged to actually place an order.
'Normal' vinyl A basic expression to describe vinyl gloss films which are not reflective, metallic or fluorescent etc.
Opaque Solid, not allowing light to pass through.
Off-the-roll Self-adhesive vinyl which can be purchased in 'uncut' form. (ie: any widths and lengths required, without any lettering or graphics cut into them.)
Off-the-shelf An expression to describe goods already manufactured and for sale in 'online' or 'high street' shops etc.

Pavement signs Collective description for swing signs, rotary signs and A-boards etc.
Panels Any surface, particularily on vehicles, where the graphics are to be fitted.
Portrait An image or photo with its height longer than its width. (The other way round would be classed as 'landscape'.)
PVC banners Flexible, but strong, banners. Available in most common colours.

Reflective vinyl Self-adhesive vinyl which 'glows' when illuminated by a bright light. (Similar effect as car number plates etc.)
Rotary signs Metal vertical signs which 'rotate' in the breeze.
Squeegee Plastic tool used for flattenning the graphics to the surface.
Silicon release paper The glossy backing paper which is left behind after the self-adhesive vinyl is removed.
Sun-visors Self-adhesive strips, with or without lettering. Can be fitted either inside or on the outside of the windscreen.
Swing signs Tubular metal-framed signs, with swing panels and sturdy bases.
Safety signs Collective description for fire, safety equipment, warnings and traffic signs etc.
Stained-glass effect Transluscent or transparent vinyl film.
Spreader Another name for a 'squeegee'.
Self-adhesive vinyl The coloured vinyl films, with peelable backing paper. Can be fitted to most smooth surfaces.
Signage A group description for all manner of signs and graphics.
Static Can sometimes build up when the vinyl film is removed from its backing. Try to avoid working near any fabrics or carpets, as dust and fluff can be attracted to the vinyl.
'Standard' vinyl A basic expression to describe vinyl gloss films which are not reflective, metallic or fluorescent etc.
Transfer tape Another name for 'application tape'.
Translucent Semi-transparent. Allows light through but cannot be seen through clearly.
Transparent Coloured vinyl which can also be seen through quite clearly.
Tar & glue remover A chemical, available from most high street car accessory shops, which can remove any glue residue remaining after removing old graphics.
Tile decals Self-adhesive stickers for use on plain bathroom and kitchen tiles.

Vinyl(s) Name used to describe the rolls of self-adhesive plastic film used for the vast majority of our work.
Vehicle graphics Self-adhesive decals for cars, vans, coaches etc.
Vehicle outlines A large selection of vehicle 'shapes', used for artwork purposes.
Visors Shortened name for sun-visors.
Window graphics Stickers, normally fitted internally to business or domestic windows.
Wet application method Fitting the vinyl after moistening the surface first, (with water.) To be used for larger work or if you are new to fitting vinyl graphics and sheets. Air bubbles are less likely using this method, rather than the 'dry application' method.
Wheel cover graphics Self-adhesive vinyl decals for fitting onto your own, existing wheel cover.

More glossary terms could be added at a later date, should they be drawn to our attention.